Honda Forza


in case of any damage, theft or charges incurred whilst the bike is in your possession

The Forza 125

gives you the confidence to take on the city. It features a new four-value PGM-FI fuel-injected engine, 14.1 HP designed for strong mid-range and top-end power. Every ride is a thrill thanks to class-leading rolling acceleration, swift pick-up from standstill and strong high-speed performance.

A premium maxi-scooter designed to tackle your every day with ease. Its large presence demands respect from other road users, while its frugal 125cc single-cylinder Four Stroke engine offers fantastic fuel economy.

The large 12-litre tank has more than enough to cope with the daily commute, meaning more time on the road before you have to stop and fill up at the pump again.


There is a handy Thlevel type c charging point too.

Two Seater